(What is their relation?)

By Craig C. Downer, For Christmas Party and Meeting of Nevada Poetry Society on December 17, 2022

Composed 11/20/22

Let’s all go to the place: Limerick!
It has rich history, but the trick
You must learn: Not the butt
Of its rhyme – this is what
You must do to not fall on its slick!

Mirth seems good for a while but do not
Be beguiled by false lures that are hot
As the hell that does lurk
Behind veils that do irk
when unmasked they seem not so hotshot!

Christmas Time — ‘tis a fine time of year!
It’s a time we can all be so dear
To those near and the other,
To one’s sister and brother!
‘Tis a time so splendid – let’s be clear!

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