Craig C. Downer has been studying and working on behalf of wild horses and burros for nearly fifty years.

His very enlightening book, The Wild Horse Conspiracy, is available on Amazon. It tells the tragic story of the wild horses of America. They are today, as in the past, being eliminated, and the provisions of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 are being ignored.

Tens of thousands of wild horses, and even whole herds, are being rounded up and held indefinitely in “holding pens.” This has been going on for decades. Even when they are “adopted,” life in captivity is a cruel fate. It is the equivalent of keeping wild birds in cages – depriving them of their natural lives and their freedom.

They are also under threat of being slaughtered.

Craig Downer makes an excellent case that the wild horses are a native species, which did not become extinct here and which deserves protection like any other native wild species. It is not scientifically disputed by anyone that the horse originated in the Americas.

Government agencies are responsible for the harm being done to wild horses. It’s a good idea to read The Wild Horse Conspiracy, which gives very clarifying insight on the plight of wild horses — before quoting government agencies, who are the ones disregarding the laws meant to protect these innocent wild animals.

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