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Be a happy soul and fix your life. You need to understand that life is what you create or discover. It is not a piece of cake.

In modern society, people tend to wear many hats, masks, or whatever metaphor you would like to use. You have one for your home life, one for your work life, one for close friends and family, and one for other friends with whom you are not as tight. And the list goes on. But what about that unmasked self? Your true, authentic self, the one maybe you only really know? 


What Does it Mean to Free Your Soul?

To free your soul is to embrace the essence of that authentic self and wear fewer masks. Of course, it may not always be appropriate not to put on some filter for various life scenarios. Still, the more you work toward embodying that true self, the more secure you will become, subsequently improving your well-being. 

And by improving your well-being at the most basic levels, you can pursue spiritual well-being at higher levels. 

Eight Ways To Free Your Soul

Your free soul will give you unlimited guidance on living your purpose in life and finding freedom. Here are eight (8) ways to free yourself and live your best life.

1. Act With Kindness. Your soul is nothing but love and light. Be the positivity the world needs. Kindness can mean different things to different individuals. The definition is in how you choose to manifest it. Be it through acceptance, empathy, kind gestures, and thoughtfulness, the possibilities are really up to you. 

2. Cultivate Compassion. Compassion frees you from judgments and criticisms of others—and yourself. It relates to empathy which is about connecting to and understanding someone else’s challenges. Compassion is the part of you that naturally wants to offer help. Without Compassion, life as you know it would be very different. Compassion is part of what drives positive change in the world. It inspires you to assist people in their individual lives as well as on a global scale. Compassion is limitless and far-reaching. It can impact humans, animals, the planet, and future generations. 

3. Be Curious. Coming from a place of a beginner’s mind is akin to aligning with the innocence of your soul. It combines intelligence, persistence, and hunger for novelty, all wrapped up in one, just like a puzzle. Puzzles offer people the satisfaction of answering a question even when they miss the point entirely. 

4. Create Something. A doodle, a haiku, journaling, a shift in the dynamic of an old relationship. Your soul is like the sun, a powerful creative force of energy.

5. Be In Your Body. Your thoughts are connected to your monkey mind and can keep you from experiencing your soul. Being in your body is a state of union between body and consciousness that allows one’s consciousness to express itself freely through your body and also allows your body to communicate subtle sensory information to your consciousness. 

6. Meditate. Sitting in stillness or doing a moving meditation will help shift you away from daily thoughts. Relatively, meditation can give you peace, calm, and balance that can benefit your emotional well-being and overall health. Meditation can help you learn to keep your inner peace and stay centered. 

7. Be Childlike. Remember what brought you joy as a kid. Do more of that. Being more childlike also helps you be more creative, imaginative, innovative, and open to worlds of possibilities. As children, people are naturally resourceful, curious, and able to play without worrying. 

8. Everyday Do Less of What Causes You Stress and More of What You Love. Life can be stressful at times. And it is not just the main things that can cause stress. Life’s daily pressures, hassles, and demands can cause stress too. But too much anxiety keeps you from feeling and doing your best. It can drain your energy, wear you down, and make it harder to get things done. Too much stress can make you cranky, annoyed, or scattered. You can not avoid stress. But you can make it a goal to keep everyday stress low. When you stress less over simple stuff, you are better able to handle the more considerable challenges you might face.

Parting Words

Is it possible to show that authentic self to others without some filter? And is it even worth it? The short answer is yes. And by embracing this authentic self, you will be better prepared to take on the more meaningful pursuits of life, such as your soul’s core desires. These desires of attaining fulfillment, passion, and eventually enlightenment is what humanity is here to do, right?

Further, check out the book Wonder Streams Of The Soul by Craig Carpenter Downer. The book is an inspiring, beautiful collection of poems and philosophical passages accompanied by exquisite images – all reaped from a lifetime of vast, diverse, and treasured experiences and insights. Its conceptions confront life’s most crucial dilemmas and are soul-liberating. They draw upon profound lessons of the past while simultaneously tapping future-oriented visions. It unites imagination and ideas of the soul with the workings of logic and revelations of science. As it befits life’s true nature, it brings hearts and minds together.

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