Craig’s amazing life has put him in touch with diverse places, cultures, and species. He has worked in South America, the United States, and Europe, where he has given speeches at conferences and taught courses.

A life-long truth seeker, he has delved into all branches of Biology, majoring in Ecology, and even studied Philosophy, History, Music, English, French, and Spanish. With an innate affinity for all diverse kinds of living creatures, he grew up around wilderness along the Nevada-California border, which he often explored with his horse, Poco, or on foot, or with his family.

He has worked for animal and ecological NGOs, studied and taught at various universities, been a legal plaintiff for nature/species protection, testified in Congress, and done a ground-breaking telemetric study of the endangered Mountain, or Andean Tapir in Ecuador’s Sangay National Park.

Craig is president of the Andean Tapir Fund, a 501 (c) 3 NGO that fends for all species in the Perissodactyla order of mammals, be they members of the tapir, rhino, or horse families. He offers talks and PowerPoints on the Perissodactyla of the world, on the mountain tapirs as well as on America’s wild horses and burros, in which he emphasizes the great importance of saving these disappearing species and their currently fragmented populations. Along with his considerable publications, these presentations have instigated more studies and nature reserve declarations throughout the world.

An IUCN Species Survival Committee member, he wrote its Mountain Tapir Status and Action Plan in English and Spanish and carries this out via his NGO’s ongoing activities in South America.

He is a Nevada Poetry Society member, has presented poems at annual conferences of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, plays the piano, composes melodies, produced a 45-minute piano CD entitled Wild Horse Rhapsody, and has guided nature films concerning both wild horses and mountain tapirs. As a fine nature photographer, he has had photos on the covers of major books, magazines, and journals.

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